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Water Well Drilling

Mudlogic has had highly successful references in this segment completing many challenging projects and solving numerous down hole issues. We have developed specific products and drilling fluid programs and are able to tailor a specific solution to your next water well project.

About Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling is typically done to secure water for human or agricultural purposes, or for de-watering mine or construction sites, or even for geothermal applications. Techniques used include Mud Rotary, LD Hammer, and RC.

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Products & Considerations

By nature, the drilling industry is not a simple process, it has many challenging aspects depending on the project at hand. Given this area of expertise, the right product for the right job is absolutely vital. We have given our range of products years of field experience, we have the experience and support to back them up. We strive to keep abrreast of advancements and changes in the industry. Ultimately, this provides you with the best best product and advice for the task at hand, whatever your next project may be.

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  • PAC R
  • VIS LV

  • HAMMER OIL 320


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