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Geotechnical Drilling

Mudlogic has a complete suite of products for this application and is able to offer advice on projects large and small. We have the flexibility of mixing pallets to optimise freight recovery and minimise stock holding for our customers.

About Geotechnical Drilling
This is a reference to drilling techniques designed to obtain soil samples for the purpose of geological evaluation. Typically Geotechnical Drilling is done prior to the development of major construction and infrastructure projects to assist Civil Engineers plan for the optimum building and construction techniques.

Additionally Geotechnical Drilling may be done to identify if there is any ground contamination or some other geological feature present in certain locations.

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Products & Considerations

By nature, the drilling industry is not a simple process, it has many challenging aspects depending on the project at hand. Given this area of expertise, the right product for the right job is absolutely vital. We have given our range of products years of field experience, we have the experience and support to back them up. We strive to keep abreast of advancements and changes in the industry. Ultimately, this provides you with the best best product and advice for the task at hand, whatever your next project may be.

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