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Some history of Mudlogic


Originally, we began conquering business as two companies, Drilling Fluids Australia, based in Western Australia and Australian Drilling Fluids in Queensland. Our focus was based on servicing an ever expanding market with products and in the field into Australia and South East Asia.

  • We built strong foundations as a Australian businesses.
  • Servicing Australia with quality products & advice.
  • Building on our strengths and growing our business.
  • Expanding into South East Asia and new areas.

As an established member of the industry, we were keen to broaden our horizons with further expansion with a second office in Queensland and as DFA in Singapore. Drilling Fluids Australia was evolving and soon we realised that our market growth was expanding beyond Australia.

With that amalgamation and new business scope, a new name was needed to better reflect our evolvement into markets beyond Australia. A localised name had served us well, but it was time to move forward...

Enter Mudlogic! One group, one management, one focus....

As Mudlogic

Our new moniker and the purpose behind it, was to allow us to continue to serve our valued Australian clients and move beyond our borders into new markets.

  • Continuing our growth throughout Australia and into PNG.
  • Our focus on our core values continued with a new name.
  • Consolidating our diversity into other established areas & products.
  • As Mudlogic, expanding further into South East Asian markets.

The world is changing, growing, expanding into new markets - and so are we. The driver behind Mudlogic is to continue the forward momentum we had garnered over the years, continuing to be a valuable asset to our existing clients and push forward into the world with new products and an expanded consciousness of purpose.

Now with an Office in Singapore, that part of our endeavour is taking shape. Providing a springboard for new business, exciting opportunities and a global position for Mudlogic to continue to grow and serve the industry better.
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