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Mudlogic is an appointed distributor for KEMTRON Technologies Solids Control Units (SCU's).

Mud Recycling Systems are a growing trend in the drilling industry and we can now offer clients the world class USA manufactured KEMTRON SCU system which goes hand in hand with our comprehensive range of drilling fluids. KEMTRON's SCU's include the very successful Tango 100HD2™, Tango 200HD2™, Tango 400HD2™, Tango 600HD2™, Tango 800HD2™ and Tango 1500HD2™ series units. Apart from the excellent standard SCU designs, we can work on your behalf with KEMTRON to modify existing designs to your specific requirements (i.e. motors, piping and even custom painting to match your existing drill fleet). We would welcome your enquiry about the competitively priced KEMTRON range.

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Established in 1990, it started by solving unique environmental problems by pioneering the field of zero liquid discharge / closed loop mud systems with their industry leading Dewatering Systems. With equipment in many countries around the world, KEMTRON continues to expand. They were the first company, in 1994, to receive the coveted ISO 9001 certification for the design and manufacture of solids control equipment and dewatering technology. In 1998.

KEMTRON received patents for their Multifunctional Linear Motion Mud Cleaner that allows for simultaneous operation of flow line and hydrocyclone underflow cleaning. This unit has allowed them to make some of the most compact, yet user-friendly, Packaged Mud Recycling Units on the market.
A series of PDF Brochures are available below or for more information on KEMTRON SCU systems and all the KEMTRON equipment range, visit the KEMTRON website here.

  • TANGO 100HD2
  • TANGO 400HD2
  • TANGO 600HD2
  • TANGO 800HD2
  • TANGO 1500HD2

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